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I went birthday present shopping last night.  For myself.  At the library!  I had to return some library books, and as I approached the entrance, I saw this sign:

2012-04-26 08.11.14

Well, of course, I couldn’t just walk by without at least browsing.  Since it was the first day of the book sale, the selection was still very good.  I picked up a book.  Then another.  Soon I had to ask for a bag and then a second bag.  These deals were just too good to pass up!  I found a lot of the modern classics that I have either not gotten around to reading yet, or that I have read but loved so much that I wanted my own copy.  I even found an unused Book Club Organizer—this is the one I referenced in Share Your Reading Life. (We used up our first one—now we can start a new one! ) Want to see what else I bought?

2012-04-26 09.26.41

And guess the total cost.  $11.00!  What a bargain!  Now I know you can get most of these books for a penny at Amazon, but you still have to pay the $3.99 shipping fee.  So I went to Amazon to see how much that stack would have cost had I bought them there.  My total bill would have been $55.92.

My point?  Visit your local library’s used book sales!  I didn’t buy any children’s books yesterday, but they had plenty there.  This is the perfect place for those of you who are trying to build your classroom libraries.  When I first started teaching, this was a lifesaver for me.  I had no money and I needed books.  I found nice hardcover books for 50 cents that I still have in my library after 25 years.

Don’t have time to go to the book sale yourself?  If you have parent volunteers, ask if any would be willing to shop for you.

Did you know that there is a website that lists all of the library used book sales in the country?  It’s called Book Sale Finder.  Check it out and see if there is a sale going on at a library near you!

You can find more ideas for building your classroom library at Building Your Classroom Library: Acquiring More Books.

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