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Here in Michigan, last week was spring break.  My family and I escaped to Florida to enjoy some sun and warmth.  On Sunday we returned to the reality of less-than-springlike weather and mounds of laundry!  So while I was sorting, folding, and ironing all day, I decided to transition back by watching some educational videos that have been arriving in my inbox for the past several months.  I must say that these videos actually made me excited to get back to work this week and I decided I needed to share them with you!

Many of you may already be familiar with this online resource, but for those who aren’t, you simply must check out!  It is called Teaching Channel and is a phenomenal professional development tool for teachers of all grade levels.  Every time I visit this site I learn something new and incredibly useful.  The resources include lesson plans, video clips, and lots of information about the Common Core.  When you subscribe to the Teaching Channel newsletter, you receive a weekly update of several recommended resources.

teaching channel

I think my favorite part is that this resource allows me to visit the classrooms of so many amazing teachers across the country.  Not only do I have the opportunity to watch them teach, but I also get to hear them reflectively think aloud about their lessons, philosophy, and pedagogy. In addition to each video clip, the teachers often include their lesson plans and handouts.  What a bonus!

As a literacy coach, I have the opportunity to  visit many teachers’ classrooms.  Every time I leave, I am smarter about teaching than I was when I entered.  As a classroom teacher, I only had this opportunity occasionally.  Some teachers I work with have hardly ever had this opportunity.  I believe that watching others’ teach is one of the best ways to improve our own practice.  If you are one of those teachers who craves this experience but rarely has the opportunity, this website will help solve this problem for you.  Do check it out!

As I watched video after video yesterday, I saved my favorites to “my lesson planner”.  This is a feature that allows you to save a lesson to a specific date (or no particular date), add tags, or jot notes. Here is a link to a  90-second video that explains how it works:


But yesterday I discovered another useful feature that I hadn’t noticed before. It is a tool called “Save to Tch” that you can grab and drag to your internet menu bar.  When you are at another website and find a lesson idea that you would like to save, you can click the button to save it to your Teaching Channel Lesson Planner.  You can see below what the button looks like in my menu bar.  I put it right next to my Pinterest “Pin It” button. image

I said that my favorite part of this resource is that I get to watch other teachers teach.  My next favorite part is that all of these resources are absolutely FREE!

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