iPads in the Classroom

Mar 7, 2012 by

As I visit classrooms and conduct workshops, I am seeing more and more iPads being used—both for teacher use and student use.  Those who read my post last fall called This Seals the Deal know that it was the Confer app that helped me make the decision to purchase an iPad.  I received it as an early Christmas present and am still only scratching the surface of ways to use it both in my personal life and for educational purposes.  I am just beginning to use the Confer app now that I have a classroom (mentioned in last post) where I can practice.  After I play around with it for awhile, I’ll let you know how it goes.  If any of you have used this app, I encourage you to comment with any words of wisdom! 

Today I want to share some resources to give those who are using iPads in your classrooms some additional ideas. The first is a link to 75 Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom.  I haven’t even finished checking them all out, but it sure appears that there is something for everyone! 

This next link is to a  YouTube video called iPads in the Differentiated Classroom.  In the video you will see students using iPads in a variety of ways while the teacher conducts small group reading instruction. 

I know that we don’t all have access to this technology, but for those who do, I thought these resources might give you some ideas of new ways to use them.  Feel free to comment with suggestions of your own!

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