Stealing Reading Moments

Jan 17, 2013 by

I don’t think any of us would argue that children need lots of time to read in order to become proficient, lifelong readers.   There is an overwhelming amount of research that points to a correlation between “eyes on text” and reading achievement.  Here is one piece of data that can be found in Richard Allington’s What Really Matters for Struggling Readers: Designing Research-Based Programs: Reading Volume of Fifth-Grade Students of Different Levels of Achievement Achievement Percentile Minutes of Reading per Day Words per Year 90th 40.4 2,357,000 50th 12.9 601,000 10th 1.6 51,000 Adapted from Anderson, Wilson, & Fielding, 1988 In summary, the more children read, the higher their reading achievement.  In Outliers: The Story of Success Malcom Gladwell describes “the 10,000 hour rule”, where he asserts that it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated...

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The Teacher’s Hot Read

Mar 19, 2012 by

In a recent post I encouraged you to share your reading lives with your students.  Here is another idea to model being readers ourselves and also to spark our students’ interests in reading.  I read about this idea in Steven Layne’s book Igniting a Passion for Reading.  Here is how it works: Get a book stand (you can also use plate or picture stands available at craft stores or an IKEA napkin holder like the one pictured below). Create an attention-getting sign that says “Mr. or Mrs. ________’s Hot Read” On the stand, place a book that you are currently reading.  This book should be one that is appropriate for the grade level you teach, but should NOT be the book you are reading aloud to your students. Steven Layne encourages teachers to read...

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Share Your Reading Life

Mar 9, 2012 by

Are you an avid reader?  Many teachers are.  Some of us grew up with books and others became lifelong readers later in life.  If you are one of these people, do you use this to its fullest advantage as a literacy teacher?  If not, I encourage you to start!  When we share our reading lives with students we can: become reading role models for them model our own reading processes connect with our students as human beings, not just as teacher-student draw on our own experiences and use that information to teach during mini-lessons and individual conferences get kids excited about reading and the list could go on… This past week I’ve had two opportunities to share my reading life with some fourth-graders.  Their class just formed historical fiction book clubs.  On their first...

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Reading Quotes

Feb 10, 2011 by

During the break times at a recent seminar on reading motivation, I projected a PowerPoint show that featured quotes from famous people about the power of reading.  A seminar participant asked if she could get a copy of all the quotes, so I decided to share them with all of you as well.  Following the list of quotes is a PowerPoint slide show that you can download and show in your classroom.  The slides automatically loop, so try projecting the slide show on your screen as students arrive in the morning.  Have them discuss the quotes and try making up some of their own.  (You may have to adjust the font style and size if you don’t have the same font on your computer). “In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds,...

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You MUST Read This Book!

Dec 6, 2010 by

This morning I shared with a group of 4th grade readers that when I read a good book, the very first thing I want to do is tell someone about it.  Well, I just finished reading the most amazing book and I just HAVE to share it with you.  It’s called The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child by Donalyn Miller.   It is sort of a professional book, but it reads more like a fast-moving novel. It’s written by a sixth grade teacher from Texas, but it’s applicable for teachers of all grade levels.  As I read this book, I felt as though I were reading my own life story as a reading teacher.  I could have written almost every word (except not nearly as well as Donalyn).  Some of...

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New eBook for Sale

Nov 15, 2010 by

I developed my website because teachers at my seminars often wanted more information than I could provide during the seminar.  I would tell them to e-mail me and I would send them the information.  I decided it would be more efficient to post all of my material on a website.  Teacher feedback has confirmed that these resources have been helpful to them.  But some people would prefer to have all of the information in one spot instead of having to surf around the site to find what they need.  So my latest project has been compiling the information into downloadable eBooks.  I’m pleased to announce that my second eBook Motivating Students to Read More has just been posted and is available for purchase.  You can find more information on my Reading Motivation page.  ...

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