Beat the Teacher Contest

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This is a great way to get the entire class to work together to monitor their behavior throughout the day. 

  1. Draw a box on the chalkboard and label one column “teacher” and one column “class”.



  3. When the entire class cooperates, follows directions, receives a compliment from another staff member, etc. reward them with a class point by drawing a tally mark in their box. When the entire class misbehaves, doesn’t follow directions, gets a bad report, etc., award yourself a point.
  4. At the end of the day, if the class “beats the teacher”, an object is removed from an incentive bulletin board. If the teacher has more points, an object is added to the bulletin board. For a tie, objects are neither added nor removed.
  5. When all of the items are removed, the class earns a special reward such as extra recess, a popcorn party, etc.


The following bulletin board works well at the beginning of the year: Create a bulletin board displaying an apple tree with green leaves and apples attached. At the beginning of the school year the class works to remove all of the apples from the tree.

Beat the Teacher Bulletin Board

Beat the Teacher Bulletin Board

For the next class reward they work to change all of the green leaves to fall colored leaves.

Beat the Teacher Bulletin Board

For the third reward the fall leaves are removed from the tree.

Beat the Teacher Bulletin Board

Other ideas: feathers on a turkey, presents under a tree, build a snowman.

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