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Each week I like to spotlight one child as our Personality of the Week (my version of Student of the Week) and involve parents in making this an extra special week for the child. I try to schedule each student’s week as close as possible to his/her birthday or ½ birthday.

The Monday before the student’s special week I send home a parent explanation letter and a piece of stationery.  As a parent, I find that when my own children’s teachers send the Student of the Week letter home the Friday before, we often don’t have time over the weekend to get the pictures printed, the poster made, etc.  By sending it home the Monday before, the families have a full week to prepare.  I also don’t require that a poster be made—just send in the pictures!  Instead I ask the family to spend time writing a personal note to the child.  All family members are encouraged to participate.

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Download Personality of the Week Parent Letter
Download Personality of the Week Family Stationery

The following describes the weekly procedures:


The Personality of the Week sits in a special chair while we interview him.  The information is recorded on a special poster.
Personality Poster

The completed poster is hung on the Personality of the Week bulletin board. Notice the paperclips on each piece of laminated red construction paper?  This allows me to easily hang the photos without damaging them.
Personality of the Week Board


The student shares pictures from home which are then hung on the bulletin board.
Personality of the Week


Read aloud Message from Home to the class.  Hang on the bulletin board.  At the end of the week, save the letter to put in the child’s portfolio.  This will be a special memento for the child to save.  A word of warning: Be sure to silently read the letters from home before reading them aloud to the class—they are often tearjerkers and reading ahead of time will help you stay composed!  This is my favorite part of the week.


Classmates write personal notes to the student on special stationery. Staple notes into a booklet and send home.

Download Personality of the Week Student Stationery


I write a “note from the teacher” and send it through the school mail to the child’s home on Thursday so that the child receives it on Friday or Saturday.  Kids love getting mail!

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