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Create a file box of activities and lessons that you can leave for a substitute on those days when you are unexpectedly out of the classroom and unable to plan for a sub.


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I keep the following in my survival kit:

· A sub folder containing pertinent information such as class lists, student needs, schedules, procedures, etc.

· An extra poetry notebook

· A book of miscellaneous “filler” activities

· About 5 or so lessons from each curricular area – place the materials for each lesson in a file folder and attach the directions or lesson plans to the front of the folder.  In my directions I explain to the guest teacher that they may select any lesson they choose.  This gives them some flexibility and allows them to choose a topic within their area expertise.


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Some ideas include:

· Spelling: spelling list and explain some favorite spelling review activities.

· Writing: leave a list of some journal topics and simple writing minilessons.

· Reading: make packets including a read-aloud book and corresponding activities, projects, questions, worksheets (already run off). I have found the Frank Schaeffer Literature Notes to be very helpful.

· Math: Include several file folders containing miscellaneous math lessons that could be taught at any time of the year. Be sure to leave directions for where to find math manipulatives, if necessary. Also include a file folder of miscellaneous math review worksheets.

· Science/Social Studies: choose several high-interest nonfiction read-alouds. Place each book in a file folder with a worksheet or activity that relates to the book. The book Science Mini-Books by Esther Weiner, Scholastic, 1994 is a helpful resource.  I pick several mini-books and photocopy enough for each student.  I place the photocopies with the nonfiction read-alouds in file folders.  These make great one-day lessons and don’t necessarily have to relate to your current unit of study.


Be sure to keep a file folder of master copies for all of the reproducibles in the sub kit so that they can be easily replenished at the end of the year.

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