Mentor Texts

Mentor Texts

A mentor text is a piece of writing that can be used to teach a writer about some aspect of writer’s process or craft.  Mentor text teaching has transformed my writing instruction, and it is my hope that the information on this page will help you do the same!  Even if you don’t consider yourself a great writer, you can be a great writing teacher.  As Katie Wood Ray (my writing teacher idol) says in her book Wondrous Words, “With a room full of authors to help us teach, teaching writing doesn’t have to be so lonely.”


Mentor Texts: Using Children’s Literature and Modeling to Improve Student Writing Grades 1-6 by Annemarie Johnson

Over 100 pages of ready-to-use mini-lessons, ideas, and booklists to inspire your student writers!

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Mentor Text Background Information

Mentor Text Minilessons