Reading Motivation

Reading Motivation

The research is clear: Children who are motivated to read spend more time reading than those who are not motivated, and reading motivation has been linked to the development of lifelong readers.  Isn’t that our ultimate goal—producing lifelong readers?  If so, it would be wise of us to spend time addressing the motivational aspects of reading, not just the cognitive ones.  In fact, “A powerful body of new research suggests that the motivational aspects of reading are equal in importance to the cognitive aspects. One study juxtaposed reading attitudes and beliefs with cognitive reading skills, indicating that the two are virtually inseparable.” Fink, R. and S. J. Samuels (ed.). 2007. Inspiring Reading Success: Interest and Motivation in an Age of High-Stakes Testing. Newark: DE: IRA.

On this page you will find links to lessons and resources that will help you motivate the readers in your classroom.

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