Do’s and Don’ts of Reciprocal Teaching

Oct 20, 2010 by

  • There is no one right way to teach reciprocal teaching or one right order in which to introduce the steps.
  • Before students can use the four strategies simultaneously, they will need practice with each individual strategy.
  • Teaching one strategy alone can be a good comprehension mini-lesson, but it is not reciprocal teaching.  Reciprocal teaching involves using ALL four strategies simultaneously for the purpose of constructing meaning.
  • Reciprocal teaching was designed as an interactive discussion technique.  Refrain from the temptation of having students complete the strategies in worksheet form.
  • Corrective feedback is crucial to the success of reciprocal teaching.
  • Reciprocal teaching alone is not enough to constitute a comprehensive reading program.  It is just one tool. Students need exposure to other comprehension strategies.

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