Poetry Pause

Apr 7, 2009 by

In his book Learning Under the Influence of Language and Literature by Lester Laminack advocates six read-aloud opportunities that we can incorporate into our classroom routines.  One of those is for the purpose of putting the sound of written language in the air through the sharing of poetry.  After all, poetry is meant to shared orally.  I decided to try this in my classroom by setting aside a few minutes of my daily morning meeting.  To ensure that we don’t skip over this, I select two students to share a poem each daily.  This privilege is bestowed upon my two Helpers of the Day.  These two students each select and practice a poem they would like to read to the class.  They also tell why they selected this poem.  I display a collection of poetry anthologies on the shelves so that students always have available sources for finding poems.  This has come to be a treasured read-aloud ritual in my classroom and a great way to help students develop a love of poetry.

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