Reader’s Theatre

Dec 8, 2009 by

Reader’s Theater is a text or part of a text transformed into a script. It does not rely on costumes or props and the lines are read, not memorized. Students read their parts and use their voices to express the meaning of the text. Students read, rehearse, and perform for an audience, making this a natural, authentic way to promote repeated reading of a text. Students don’t even realize they are rereading because they are so involved in the “play.”

Follow this link for the amazing story of a teacher who used Reader’s Theater to dramatically improved her students’ reading skills:   Lorraine Griffith

Check out the websites below for FREE reader’s theater scripts and other resources.

  • Aaron Shepard
  • Timeless Teacher Stuff
  • The following picture books are written in a format that is conducive for Reader’s Theater.  These make great “buddy reading” books.




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