When Should Kids Learn to Read?

Feb 13, 2011 by

I just read an article entitled “When Should Kids Be Able to Read?” at The Washington Post Answer Sheet.  It discusses our country’s obsession with getting kids reading earlier and earlier and how this trend contradicts research that shows some kids just need more time to learn how to read.  It also points out that we are doing a disservice to boys who, as a population, are at a disadvantage by the push to get kids reading earlier.  I encourage you to read the article by clicking on the above link. 

Many people weighed in with their responses, so you may also want to read the comments.  One comment was posted by Stephen Krashen, the author of The Power of Reading. In his book Krashen cites overwhelming evidence for the effectiveness of FVR—free voluntary reading.  It is a must-read!  In his posted comment he offers to send readers a copy of an article that provides strong evidence that reading can be improved at any age.  I e-mailed him for a copy and within an hour he had sent it.  I encourage you to get a copy for yourself.  You can e-mail him at skrashen@yahoo.com and request this article:  Krashen, S. and McQuillan, J. 2007. Late intervention. Educational Leadership 65 (2): 68-73.

I thought it was encouraging to read how effective late intervention can be for our struggling readers.

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