Thumb Thermometer

Nov 11, 2010 by

Yesterday I had the opportunity to observe a fabulous 3rd grade teacher present a writing minilesson on personal narratives.  Toward the end of her lesson she used a little technique that I hadn’t seen before.  She called it the “thumb thermometer”.  I have used “thumbs up/thumbs down” to engage my students in a lesson, but this was a little different than that.  After she had concluded the teaching portion of her minilesson, she asked her students to get out their “thumb thermometers” to show her how confident they felt about trying out the minilesson strategy in their own writing.  If they felt like they could do it on their own, they put a thumb up.  If they felt totally confused, they put a thumb down.  And if they weren’t sure or if they felt...

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Listening Wand

Jan 26, 2010 by

I use these this “magic wand” to get my students’ attention. Tapping it lightly on a hard surface cause it to vibrate and make a pleasant sound that is loud enough get students’ attention even in a noisy classroom.  Follow the link below for more information: Listening Wand Share...

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