Status of the Class

May 17, 2010 by

Status of the class is a technique that I borrowed from Nancie Atwell.  When I first read about this technique in her book In the Middle, I wasn’t convinced that it was one I wanted to adopt.  But after trying the technique for just one week, I realized how much valuable assessment information it allowed me to gather.  Here is how status of the class works: 1.  Photocopy the status of the class form.         Status of the Class Form 2.  Record each student’s name on the form, duplicate multiple copies, and place on a clipboard or in a 3-ring binder.  Click to enlarge pictures.       I keep mine in my assessment notebook. 3.  At the beginning of Reading Workshop I have all of my students assembled in front of me for a a...

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Matching Readers with Text

Feb 3, 2009 by

Reading Interview One of the best ways to discover what a child likes to read is to ask. At the beginning of the year, interview and/or ask each child to complete a reading interest survey to assess reading interests, attitudes, and knowledge of reading strategies. Interview questions may include: •Do you like to read? Why or why not? •What do you like to read? •What is the last good book you read? •Do you like when adults read aloud to you? •What is the most important thing about reading? •When you are reading, what are you trying to do? •What is reading? •When you come to a word you don’t know, what do you do? •Do you think it’s important to read every word correctly? Why or why not? •What makes a person a...

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Reading Strategies Websites

Jan 29, 2009 by

Reading Lady This site has a wealth of information for teaching comprehension strategies, guided reading, and more! You can download free comprehension posters and ready-to-use strategy lessons. Highly recommended! Reading Quest At this site you will find many research-based activities to improve comprehension complete with reproducibles to support the activities. Many graphic organizers available). Share...

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