An Impulse Purchase

Apr 11, 2012 by

I was just asked to put together a session on using iPads as tools in our writing classrooms for an upcoming conference.  As if I needed another excuse to spend more time with my iPad!  So I have spent a fair amount of time during the past two days “working” and surfing the net for useful writing iPad apps.  I decided I had better start a list of possibilities so I don’t forget what I find and then go back and decide which ones look most useful and purchase just those.! The session is only going to be 70 minutes long and I’m already wondering how I am going to edit my list down to 70 minute’s worth of material. Of course, I will share my list once I get it into a...

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More Punctuation Fun

Sep 22, 2010 by

In my last post I shared some great books that we can share with our students on National Punctuation Day.  Today I’d like to share a few lessons/activities. Have your students go on an Error Hunt.  See yesterday’s blog entry for some of my samples and feel free to share these with your students. Start collecting your own.  Here’s another that they might get a kick out of: Read more about this one here.   Check out this recently published book:         Become “Apostrophe Detectives”.  Click here for a description of an investigation I did with my students. Try out some of the National Punctuation Day Lessons and Activities listed here. Encourage self-editing with these activities and strategies. Here are some professional resources I highly recommend: Share...

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Punctuation Day

Sep 21, 2010 by

Did you know that Friday, September 24th is National Punctuation Day?   How are you going to celebrate?  You ARE going to celebrate, aren’t you?  I love that punctuation has its own special day!  I must admit that improper use of punctuation is a big pet peeve of mine.  Is it my imagination or is careless use of these useful little marks becoming more rampant?  And I’m not talking about just typos, but rather real errors that the writer doesn’t even know are errors. I can’t open the newspaper or drive down the street without seeing some glaring mistake. A few years ago I began taking photos of errors I find.  Here are just a few from my collection.  Some are punctuation errors; others are spelling/usage errors. Wow!  All of these were published/displayed in very...

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Children’s Literature and Writing Conventions...

Feb 25, 2009 by

Words Are Categorical Series by Brian Cleary World of Language Series by Ruth Heller  Grammar Tales Series published by Scholastic   Chicken in the City (nouns) by Maria Fleming When Comma Came to Town by Liza Charlesworth Share...

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Beginning Editing

Feb 21, 2009 by

Circle What You Know This is a great way to provide a positive “backdoor” into editing.  Instead of having students look for their mistakes, have them circle the skills they used correctly in their writing.  Begin by modeling this in a Morning Message or shared writing piece.  Have students circle what they know before turning in a draft.  This also gets them to reread, and often they will fix mistakes as they go. (Wagstaff, 1999) Proofreading Teach students to use proofreading marks when editing their own writing.  Have students use a colored pencil or pen to edit. During modeled and shared writing lessons I demonstrate how to use these marks when editing my own pieces.  I give each student a copy of the proofreading marks to keep in individual writing folders. Download Proofreading Marks...

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