Oral Language

Nov 5, 2009 by

Simply encouraging students to do more talking before they write will help them improve their organization of ideas. Remember, writing is thinking, so having students verbalize their stories before they put any words on paper will force them to think through their ideas and begin to organize their thoughts in a way that will make sense. This technique is especially helpful for reluctant writers or students who have a hard time getting started.  I like to assign writing partners in my classroom.  Students work with the same partner for an extended period (usually several weeks).  Sometimes before students begin writing, I ask them to tell their partners what they plan to write about that day.  This helps them organize their ideas orally before they begin to put them on paper. Share...

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Writing Partners

Sep 18, 2009 by

What are writing partners? Writing partners are students who are paired together for an extended period of time to explore various aspects of writing.  Students learn to share their writing with a partner so they can be part of a community of learners. Why use them? By having students talk to partners during the engagement portion of the mini-lesson, I can get more students involved.  When I ask a question, I will often say, “Turn and talk to your partner about…”  Each partner has time to share.  This prevents the phenomenon of a few students doing all of the talking and others sitting back and letting them.  My students know that they are all expected to think and share during the mini-lessons.  Establish writing partnerships help the writing workshop run more smoothly—when students know...

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