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I have found that using reading folders helps with the management aspects of reading workshop.  I purchase 2-pocket folders with grommets from Target or Wal Mart when they sell for a few pennies during the summer.  I color-code my folders for various subjects.  We use red for our reading folders. The following are the contents included in my reading folders:  

Reading Goals and Goal-Setting Ideas

My Reading Goals Goal Setting Ideas

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Rules for Reading Workshop

Rules for Reading WorkshopI introduce the rules for reading workshop during procedural mini-lessons during the launching unit of my reading workshop.





Reading Log

Reading Log I photocopy one of these for each week of the school year.  Students record titles they read both at school and at home in the appropriate box–"S" for school "H" for home.  Students highlight complete books.

Books I Want to Read

Books I Want to Read

I encourage students to always be on the lookout for books they want to read in the future.  If a book from one of my book talks or a student-led book chat piques their interests, they record the title on this form in their reading folders.


Genre List

image Throughout the year I introduce various genres through our read-alouds, and we study the characteristics of each genre.  I expect my students to expand their reading diets throughout the year and read from a variety of genres during their independent reading as well.  They use this list of genre abbreviations when they record the books they have read on their daily reading logs.

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