Spelling Buddy Review Games

Oct 9, 2009 by

Supplementing word study with cooperative activities such as board games, team study, spelling buddies, etc. has been linked to motivatiBuddy Review Gamesng students and has been identified as an effective spelling strategy (J. Richard Gentry, 2001).  Any board game can be used to review spelling words. Have partners exchange spelling lists. Partner A dictates a word to Partner B. If partner B successfully spells the word (I have my students write the words on individual dry erase boards), s/he advances to the next spot on the gameboard. Another variation is Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe. If the student spells the word correctly, s/he puts an “X” or “O” on the board.

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image(This board game created by Dr. Jeff Ertzberger)

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