What Good Spellers Do

Oct 9, 2009 by

Good spellers have a variety of strategies that they use automatically when they are writing a word they don’t know how to spell. We can teach the strategies used by proficient spellers to all of our students. Consider posting a chart labeled “What Good Spellers Do” in the classroom. Add one or two strategies at a time. Model the use of these strategies during shared, interactive, and modeled writing lessons. (Fountas and Pinnell, 1998)

Good spellers:

  • Look for patterns
  • Look for word parts
  • Try several ways to write a word
  • Write sounds in words
  • Write a vowel in each word and in each syllable
  • Think about words that sound the same
  • Think about words that look the same
  • Check to see if words look right
  • Think about what words mean
  • Practice words
  • Use a dictionary to check
  • Use a computer spell check
  • Look for words in the classroom

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