An Impulse Purchase

Apr 11, 2012 by

I was just asked to put together a session on using iPads as tools in our writing classrooms for an upcoming conference.  As if I needed another excuse to spend more time with my iPad!  So I have spent a fair amount of time during the past two days “working” and surfing the net for useful writing iPad apps.  I decided I had better start a list of possibilities so I don’t forget what I find and then go back and decide which ones look most useful and purchase just those.! The session is only going to be 70 minutes long and I’m already wondering how I am going to edit my list down to 70 minute’s worth of material.

Of course, I will share my list once I get it into a manageable, organized format, but for today I will share one app.  I just can’t resist.  I hadn’t planned on purchasing any yet, but when I saw this one, it had my name written on it.  Those who know me and those who have read past blog entries know that improper use of apostrophes (and punctuation marks in general) is a real pet peeve of mine.  I even have a collection of photos displaying errors on public signs.  You can click here to see some of them.  A couple of years ago I turned my students into apostrophe detectives to help them develop a “conventions consciousness.”  I LOVE using the book The Greedy Apostrophe to help get this message across.

But now I have a brand new tool (that I just purchased tonight for 99 cents)!  It’s called The Apostrophe Song App–“a unique, fun and effective application that puts the apostrophe back in its place”.  If you click on the link you can hear a preview of the different versions of the song (pop dance, rock, hip hop, and acoustic).  Be sure to watch the YouTube video, too!  In addition to the song, the app also includes fun, useful exercises and Cool Rules resources.  (My daughter recently took the ACT test, and I’m thinking the exercises in this app would have been good preparation for the test—but also appropriate for elementary school writers).

Since improper use of apostrophes is such a common and egregious error, even among adult writers, I think we need to pull out all the stops with our students to help eradicate it.  Even though this purchase was a total impulse buy, I think it was worth all 99 cents and I can’t wait to share it with students and teachers!


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