Characteristics of the Traits of Good Writing

Feb 1, 2009 by

Ideas Trait

  • Clear message
  • Focused topic
  • Attention to detail

Organization Trait

  • Balance in the pictures or text
  • Structure or framework that holds the piece together
  • Opening that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Logical order
  • Sequenced events
  • Transitions that link ideas together
  • Satisfying ending

Word Choice Trait

  • Rich, colorful language
  • Ordinary words used in interesting ways
  • Words used correctly and accurately
  • Words create mind pictures for the reader

Voice Trait

  • Individuality, personality is evident
  • Sense of audience is present
  • Writing is expressive
  • Captures a tone or emotion—humorous, playful, sad, persuasive, etc.

Sentence Fluency Trait

  • Sentences flow easily when read aloud
  • May have a rhythmic quality
  • Variety in sentence structure—not all sentences begin the same way
  • Balanced between short and long sentences

Conventions Trait

  • Concepts of print
  • Spacing between letters and words
  • Readable spelling
  • Awareness of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization

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