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Mentor Texts for the Traits of Writing
This site lists picture books that can be used to model each of the traits of good writing. Suggested grade levels and teaching ideas are included.

Picture Book of the Day
Each day this site features a new picture book that can be used to teach the six traits of good writing. Includes a one-sentence summary, an excerpt from the book, and 6-trait mini-lesson suggestions.

Book Savors: Reading Like a Writer
Every day or two the writer of this blog posts another picture book, gives a summary, and then lists several of her “noticings” or “savorings”, as she calls them, about the author’s use of craft.

Two Writing Teachers
Two writing teachers reflect and blog about the teaching of writing and bring other writing teachers together to share ideas and stretch each other’s thinking.

Writing Fix
This site features lists and lists of mentor texts for teaching the traits of writing and links to lessons for each.

Teaching That Makes Sense
This link takes you to an article entitled “Read Like a Reader, Read Like a Writer” by Steve Peha. It leads you through some valuable exercises that help you read like a writer, taking note of the author’s use of the six traits of writing. Also check out the full website Teaching That Makes Sense for many valuable resources.

It’s Always the Write Time
This link takes you to some handouts from a conference session about writing workshop. It outlines year-long curriculum ideas for grades K-2. Pages 12-15 provide lists of wonderful mentor texts for grades K-2.

Inside Writing Communities
This site is a gold mine. At this site you will find a complete 8-session online workshop complete with free video training. Session topics include Building a Community of Writers, Reasons for Writing, Reading Like A Writer, Teaching the Writing Craft, Conversations with Student Writers, Conversations Among Writing Peers, Learning to Revise, Writing Across the Curriculum. Also check out the home page at for additional courses and graduate credit options.

Reading Like Writers, Writing Like Readers: Mentor Texts
This site focuses on the craft of structure and of ways with words. It lists many different writing crafts and mentor texts that contain examples of each craft.

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