Where Poetry Hides

Oct 26, 2009 by

This is an idea that comes from Awakening the Heart by Georgia Heard. Ask students to take home their notebooks and spend some time searching their houses for places where poems are hiding. Many poems are written about everyday, ordinary objects and often, seemingly mundane topics. The key to turning the topic into poetry is to be as specific as possible and to create images or word pictures for the reader. Reading aloud poems from books like All the Small Poems and Fourteen More by Valerie Worth can help students see that poetry hides in the most obscure places. I always model this technique by sharing where poetry is hiding in my life:

Where Poetry Hides for Mrs. Johnson

  • floor of my van
  • refrigerator
  • my veggie garden
  • washing machine
  • my calendar
  • my lists
  • in books
  • my computer
  • craft room
  • garage
  • Lauryn’s closet
  • scrapbooks/photo albums
  • old neighborhood
  • on airplanes
  • in airports
  • hotel rooms
  • in the camper
  • the bottoms of shoes
  • snooze alarm
  • my freezer
  • Mom J’s “scary closet”
  • drywall
  • bathroom project
  • pile of shoes in closet

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