Meet Our Team

I love growing things! I love every part of the process--planning, planting, tending, even the weeding! Of course, the best part is the harvesting. Maybe it’s because I grew up skipping through the aisles of my grandparents’ greenhouses and learning to cook freshly-picked veggies in my nonna’s kitchen. I guess it’s in my blood!


No, this isn’t a blog about gardening or cooking--it’s about teaching reading and writing and about the crazy, passionate life of literacy teachers! But I can’t help but see the parallels. What I love about teaching, both children and teachers, is being part of the growth process--watching ideas sprout, take root, grow to maturity, and even multiply. I guess it’s no coincidence that when I started this blog years ago, growing readers, cultivating writers, empowering teachers became a fitting tagline. 


Now in 2020, I am bringing on two more master gardeners--Christy and Jenna. We invite you to play in the dirt with us, sometimes get a little muddy, but mostly grow some really beautiful things together!                                                                                                    --Annemarie

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