I’m so excited to be able to connect with all of you. I am a mom of two brilliant and sassy middle schoolers, a before-sunrise runner, and a middle-of-the-night avid Amazon shopper. 

Like many of us in this field, I keep myself busy! I currently work as a literacy specialist in a school district in northeast Ohio, an independent literacy consultant, and I lead staff development for Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) in schools across the country. Between this work and running my kids around like an on-demand Uber driver, I have no choice but to fit in my love of running before the sun is up!

My passion for teaching began at a young age when I watched my mom as a teacher.  I remember setting up my own “classroom” in my bedroom with every book I could get my hands on and lined up all of my willing stuffed students. I will never forget when my first-grade teacher gave me her extra alphabet chart after school one day – I couldn’t wait to get home to hang it up and begin my lessons!

I began my journey in this field as a preschool teacher while I attended my first years of college, and I went on to teaching second and third grades. Years later, I transitioned into teaching literacy-related courses at the university level and also taught developmental reading and writing courses for students beginning their college coursework.  Much of my background has focused on struggling readers/writers and English language learners, both school-aged and adults, and planning differentiated instruction that meets their needs in authentic and relevant ways.

I am excited to be able to share my passion for this work with all of you!  I hope you find this blog to be a place that ignites your own passion when it is running low – a place to stop to fill up your teacher cup and leave with practical ideas that you can easily transfer into your own classrooms and lives.  We’re all in this work together.

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