Coaching Toolkit: A Template for Building Relationships


Building relationships with our students is a crucial step to creating a classroom of thriving learners. When students walk through our door, they will be motivated to learn from us when they know we care about them.

Strong Relationships Impact Student Achievement

John Hattie’s research validates that teachers who have strong relationships with their students also have a strong impact on achievement. (Hattie, 2009)

Taking time to build relationships isn’t optional–it is a priority.

Relationship-Building Matters for Coaches, Too!

As educators transition into roles as literacy leaders and begin working with adults rather than children, it is strikingly clear that what is best for our students is also what is best for our adult learners, too.

The relationships that are built between teachers and coaches are critical to the success of the coaching process.

As a literacy coach, it might be helpful to have a place where you can keep track of the information you are learning about your coachees or colleagues.

Be Intentional About Building Relationships with Your Coachees

One of my favorite ways to be intentional about building relationships with the educators I serve is by using this Relationship Template. I created this form to capture information unique to teachers and administrators with whom I am working more closely.

Want to hear an explanation of how I use this? Check out this YouTube video.

Hey coaches and literacy leaders! Would you like to see more of our coaching tools? Join our private coaching group, the LitFORCE Coaching Huddle for access to the full Coaching Toolkit!

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