Goal Setting Ideas for Reading Workshop


At the end of each grading period, I ask students to select 2 reading engagement goals for the following grading period.  As part of a whole class mini-lesson, we brainstorm ideas for possible goals. After they have written their goals,  I meet with each child during an individual conference to review goals and check for appropriateness. I reserve the option to add a third goal if I see fit.


Here are some possible engagement goals which students may set:

  • Read ___ fictional books.
  • Read at least ___ nonfiction books.
  • Finish at least ___ books.
  • Return all borrowed books.
  • Meet the minimum requirements for weekly reading at home .
  • Try to abandon no more than ___ books this grading period.
  • Pick out all “just right” books this grading period.
  • Enter all books read on the weekly reading log.
  • Remember to bring book to class each day.
  • Increase weekly home reading .
  • Try reading a new genre (name the genre).
  • Try a new author.

For more ideas on goal setting for reading, check out Jennifer Serravallo’s What Can I Work on as a Reader self-reflection tool.

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