Conferring Toolkit: Improve Student Writing with Micro-Progressions


In a recent blog post, I shared how I use “tabbed up” mentor texts as powerful conferring tools to support our developing writers.

But did you know that mentor texts aren’t the only tools that we can add to our conferring toolkits?

Another one that I absolutely love is micro-progressions! Micro-progressions have the power to dramatically lift the level of student work. And they are so simple to create! Here is a sneak peek of one:

How to Introduce Micro-Progressions to Your Students

When I introduce a micro-progression to students, I like to use “video game terminology.” I say, “You know how when you are playing your favorite video game and you try to complete all of the tasks to power up to the next level? Well, we want to do the same thing with our writing. Just like we are always trying to get better and better at a game, we are always trying to make our writing stronger and stronger.”

Examples of Powerful Micro-Progressions for Writing

A micro-progression can give even the youngest of writers the clear path they need to make their writing stronger. Want to know more?

Here is a video I created to show you some sample micro-progressions and how to create them.


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