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  • Annemarie Johnson

NEW eBook: Motivating Students to Read More

Updated: Feb 26

Without engagement, we've got nothing!

Students who are not motivated to read, read less. Studies show that reading less leads to lower reading achievement. It's a vicious cycle. Volume of reading matters but it begins with motivation!

A review of current professional literature led me to conclude that the following factors contribute most to motivating lifelong reading habits.

  • Self-selection/choice

  • Personal interests

  • Access to books

  • Social interaction

  • Caring community

  • Series books/light reading

  • Varied texts

  • Mentoring/Modeling

  • Read-aloud

  • Time to read

  • Meaningfulness

  • Appropriate level of difficulty

  • Scaffolding

  • Feedback

In my new e-book Motivating Students to Read More: Practical Ideas to Get All Your Students to Read, Read, Read, I address these factors with 80 pages of strategies, tips, lessons, and reproducibles that help K-6 teachers address reading motivation, engagement, and inspiration. Motivation is the first step in growing lifelong readers!

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