• Annemarie Johnson

The Teacher's Hot Read

In a recent post I encouraged you to share your reading lives with your students. Here is another idea to model being readers ourselves and also to spark our students’ interests in reading. I read about this idea in Steven Layne’s book Igniting a Passion for Reading. Here is how it works:

  1. Get a book stand (you can also use plate or picture stands available at craft stores).

  2. Create an attention-getting sign that says “Mr. or Mrs. ________’s Hot Read”

  3. On the stand, place a book that you are currently reading. This book should be one that is appropriate for the grade level you teach, but should NOT be the book you are reading aloud to your students.

Steven Layne encourages teachers to read this book a couple of nights a week at home and periodically at school during independent work time so that students see us visibly reading. If all goes as he suspects, within a few days, we will begin to hear “chatter” from students who may have already read the book or from students who are interested in reading it. Be prepared to let students know if there are any copies available in the library or if you are willing to lend it out when you are finished.

What an easy way for us to share our love of reading and to get kids buzzing about books!

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