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  • Annemarie Johnson

Assessment Notebook

Updated: Mar 10

I always tell teachers that my very best teaching tool is my assessment notebook. Honestly, I couldn’t teach without it!

At first glance my assessment notebook might appear to be just a glorified gradebook. The first few pages are actually gradebook types of forms with students’ names listed down the left column and assignments and dates across the top. But if you page past this section, you will find sections labeled “Reading Conferences”, “Status of the Class”, “Writing Conferences”, and “Spelling Workshop”. It is in these sections that I record important information about my students’ progress in the form of observations, anecdotal notes, and rubrics. Each section contains a separate form for each student which I add to throughout the year. I have my assessment notebook by my side whenever I conduct an individual reading or writing conference, read from a student’s writer’s notebook, evaluate a reading response log, listen to a student-led book chat, etc., etc. In short, my assessment notebook is a collection of authentic assessments where I assess my students using the methods I use to teach them.

Download Reading Evaluation Form

Download Writing Evaluation Form

Download Spelling Assessment Form

Download Status of the Class Form

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