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  • Annemarie Johnson

Read Aloud Rituals: Book Lover's Notebook

Updated: Feb 26

Here is another idea from Mary Lee Hahn's Reconsidering Read-Aloud. Photocopy the front and back covers of each new chapter book read-aloud and distribute copies to students. The day you start a new read-aloud, lead students through the process of "orienting to the text." Encourage students to make predictions, share any known information about the author, etc. Have students place the copies in a “Book Lover’s Notebook”. At the end of the read-aloud, look back at these copies and remember the first predictions and have students reflect on how their thinking changed over the course of the read-aloud. Like the Read-Aloud Gallery, the book lover’s notebook provides a handy reference tool for comparing and discussing books throughout the year.

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