• Annemarie Johnson

Read It For Me

Here we are, a month into the COVID-19 quarantine. When the shelter in place recommendation-turned-ordinance became a reality, I decided I should make the best of it and tackle some of those projects I never have time to do during the school year. I also decided to take time to relax with some good books. I made a list of books I have started but not finished and other books I have been dying to read. Ask me how many I have finished. Yeah, best-laid plans. I don't know about you, but I have had a hard time concentrating lately and my mind wanders when I pick up a book. Anyone else with me? I am hoping this is temporary. But I might have a solution for you (and me!). Last week I found an amazing resource. It's called Read It for Me.

Here is how it works:

After creating an account, you have access to hundreds of personal and professional growth titles. Here is what makes this resource so intriguing: you can finish the whole book in 12 minutes or less! Crazy, right?! There are three ways to experience the book:

  • read the summary

  • listen to an audio

  • watch a video summary. (The video summaries are so engaging that I have not become a bit distracted while "reading").

Here are just a handful of the titles included:

Now, you might think, "How much can I actually learn from a 12-minute summary of a 200-page book?" That's what I thought, too. But guess what--after reading/watching two of them, I was learning so much cool information that I decided I needed to start a notebook to take notes.

Here are the titles I have read so far:

Here is a sample of the notes I took for The Morning Routine by Hal Elrod.

Three whole pages of useful tools, tips, and strategies. The best part? I was actually able to implement some of the tips the very next day. I still plan to tackle some of the full books on my TBR pile, but while I am working to get my attention span back, this has been a great way to enjoy some great books. If you go to their website you will find that it costs $9/month for a subscription. But, I have great news! A friend told me about a special that is being offered by Appsumo--you can get FREE access for a whole year! I am not sure how long this offer lasts, but you should run, not walk to snatch up this offer.

Learn more here.

Now if I can just find an ExerciseforMe app, I will be all set!

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