• Jenna Furr

Teacher Tribute Tuesday: YOU

Something we are really excited about here at Teacher2TeacherHelp is Teacher Tribute Tuesdays. Beyond our own families, teachers are our favorite kind of people. We hope to use our platform to pay tribute to inspirational, selfless, and dedicated teachers that have touched our lives and yours. For our very first Teacher Tribute Tuesday, we could not think of a better teacher to honor than YOU. No, we are not talking about the creepy, Netflix, stalking victim, You. We are talking about YOU, today’s teacher. The essential worker. YOU. So sit back, relax and give yourself a good old pat on the back. Today we honor YOU and we want you to know you are doing a freaking great job. You, the one who is top-notch when it comes to making connections with your students. You may not be the best at technology, but you finally put those cute, puppy notecards to good use sending a letter to each of your students. We know exactly where you want to be...right back in that classroom surrounded by your people. For now, you are embracing your new normal with positivity and grace. We honor YOU. You, the one who is lifting up the school community any way you can. The one who organized the parade for your school. The one that drove through your school’s neighborhoods just so your students could see the smiling faces they miss so much. The one that is sharing how you are launching your virtual classroom with your colleagues so no one feels alone in this work. You continue to do what you do best, thinking of the others. Keep it up, we need you and today we honor you. You, the one who is wearing multiple hats. The Mom Hat. The Wife Hat. The Teacher Hat. The Easter Bunny Hat. You are the one whose heart broke because you had to sit out of your school’s parade...your son’s school was doing one at the exact same time and you didn’t want him to miss out. You are currently working out of two lesson plan books: the classroom one and the homeschool one. You are waking up to work before your kids are awake. Then you spend your day teaching your own kids while keeping them happy and safe. And when little heads hit their pillows at night, you continue working long after the sun goes down so you can teach your students again. We know you are exhausted. We honor YOU.

You, the one who is currently grieving. Grieving all the things you had planned. The field trips. The Mother’s Day Spa. Releasing the monarchs. The Fourth Grade Shops. Graduation. It is okay to feel down in the dumps. The disappointment signifies your passion. It is what makes you the incredible teacher you are. We honor YOU. You, the one who is giving this your best shot. You are the teacher who is planning curriculum on limited supplies because they are currently locked up in your home away from home. You are the teacher creating makeshift document cameras because you are determined to give your students a learning experience as close to their classroom experience as possible. You are the one recording read-alouds for your class every single day because it is and always will be the favorite part of your day. Today, we honor You.

We won't stop here... there are way too many of YOU to celebrate.

  • You, the teacher that is currently planning their first digital lesson.

  • You, the teacher who is currently planning their fifteenth digital lesson.

  • You, the teacher showing up at a student’s driveway, saying hello in sidewalk chalk with one of your cute smiley face drawings.

  • You, the teacher who is worrying about your students when you should be sleeping.

  • You, the teacher who is attending virtual staff meetings from the comfort of your couch while being hit in the head with a nerf bullet because your kids are currently getting a break from schoolwork.

  • You, the teacher who somehow continues to drink cold coffee, do a potty dance and scarf down your lunch because there still isn’t enough time in the day.

And like the saying from the front of the cute little card I found on my porch, Keep doing a freaking great job! Today, we celebrate You.

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