• Annemarie Johnson

Teachers: You Are Missed More Than You Know!

I am media-challenged. I don't know the names of famous actors/actresses, don't remember the names of even popular songs or artists, and can't remember if I have seen a movie or not. My husband says, "Yes, we have seen this movie but you slept through it." He might be right, but even if I was awake, there is a good chance that I don't remember. You can imagine how mortified my husband and children were when they discovered that I nearly brushed arms (massive, muscular ones) with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as I passed through his first-class cabin on a plane several years ago. Didn't even know who he was--even after a fellow passenger told me. Yep--I am seriously media-challenged. [If you ask me about a book title or author, though, I can rock that].

Even though I don't sit down to watch many TV shows, there is ONE show that I try to catch at least a snippet of on most days: The Today Show. I can often be quoted as starting a sentence with, "I saw on The Today Show that..." It's so bad that, even if I don't preface with that phrase, my family often interrupts me to ask, "Where did you hear that, on The Today Show?" [add eye roll]

Enough about me--this post is really about YOU! So yesterday on The Today Show... they were doing a segment for Teacher Appreciation Week. Of course, I stopped drying my hair to watch the inspirational story about the school librarian who has been dressing up as book characters and reading to her students online. As usually happens on these stories, Hoda interrupted with, "And I have a surprise for you", followed by donated gifts so that she could continue inspiring children throughout the summer and a book character parade on her front lawn with children holding "I miss you" signs.

Super moving and inspirational. But that wasn't the best part. The best part came at the end when Craig Melvin, from his socially-distanced TV box, spontaneously teared up as he tried to express how much children and families are missing their teachers right now. I invite you to watch this one-minute clip and be uplifted.

Teaching has always been a tough job and it's even tougher now. I once heard this quote: "Burn out doesn't come from hard work. It comes from thinking your hard work doesn't make a difference." You might be working harder than you ever have (except maybe that first year of teaching). But please know that your hard work is making a difference for children and families. And please don't ever doubt or underestimate the impact of your presence in their lives.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2020! It will be one to remember!


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