Read-Aloud Rituals


In Mary Lee Hahn’s Reconsidering Read-Aloud she encourages teachers to “put read-aloud at the heart of reading instruction.” I couldn’t agree more! There are so many ways to do this, but I’d like to share one that is the best way I know to foster a community of readers–reading rituals. In her book Mary Lee says, “rituals build community by providing a common set of experiences”. Reading this section of her book caused me to reflect on the reading rituals I used in my own classroom. I never called them that, but now I do! Below are links to a collection of rituals from my own classroom and from the classrooms of other teachers:

“Choose a Book”

Introducing New Authors

Birthday Bag

Read Aloud Gallery

Trading Cards

Slumber Party

Vote on a Read-Aloud

Book Lovers Notebook

Poetry Pause

Flashlight Friday

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