Teacher Tribute: Patricia Kucharski


Is this virtual teaching thing making you exhausted? Need a good laugh? Stick with me for this tribute…

Today we celebrate first-grade teacher, Patricia Kucharski. I adore so much about this teacher, but the thing I love the most about her is her willingness to put herself out there.

I recently brought a group of teachers to observe her classroom. Without hesitation, she welcomed 7 complete strangers into her room to observe Writing Workshop. What they saw was nothing short of magical.

When I left I was in complete awe of the way she connected with her students. Stunned by the way she effortlessly floated around the room conferring with individuals and small groups of writers. Never once losing a second of teaching time.

I watched FIRST GRADERS independently revise their conclusions in their informational chapter books using micro-progressions.

I watched children at one table set goals for how much writing they would accomplish that day. I saw a room full of little writers who never put their flare pens down.

The whole lesson was beautiful.

A few days after that observation I was talking to a friend of mine who is also a parent in Patricia’s classroom. I was telling her what she already knew–her daughter was so lucky to have a teacher like Patricia. Then my friend shared with me that the observation I held in her room was just one of three Patricia hosted that week. THREE?

I found it so admirable that not only is she an incredible teacher to students, but she is always willing to share her craft with other teachers, too.

So, if you don’t adore her already, you are about to. Check out this video one of my friends shared of Patricia navigating this virtual lesson business. Remember when I said how much I loved her willingness to put herself out there?

Patricia, thank you for being amazing and for sharing the not-so-amazingness of our current teaching reality…Teacher Nation, it is time for Distance Learning Bloopers!

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