Help Your Students Become Test Warriors [FREE Webinar and Mini-Unit]


Spring is finally here! You know what that means: longer days, more sunlight, warmer weather…and state testing.  Along with testing season comes test anxiety for many of our kiddos.

Factors That Cause Test Anxiety for Students [and a Solution!]

Do your students ever experience these “test villains”:
  • A negative test mindset?
  • A feeling of overwhelm?
  • Difficulty budgeting time?
  • Feeling frustrated with the testing format/questions?

Yeah, mine, too! That is why I recently developed a mini test-taking unit with teachers in my school. 

Help Your Students Conquer Their "Test Villains"

We wanted to equip our students with strategies to help them overcome their feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, as well as teach them specific ways they can approach the test to help set them up for success.

We also wanted this mini-unit to be playful and fun, so we created a “conquer your test villains” theme that the students have loved!

Not only have they been highly engaged and excited to learn about ways to become “test warriors”, they have actually been transferring their new-found strategies into their practice!

Free Test Prep Mini-Unit

That got me thinking…maybe you and your students could benefit from these strategies, too!

So I decided to make this unit available through a recent webinar that I taught:

A Playful Approach to Test Prep:
 Strategies to Help Students Overcome Their Test Villains!

If your students feel anxious or overwhelmed by the demands of testing…and/or if you want to help your students unlock test-taking strategies that will set them up for success, you can get instant access here:

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