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Hi! I’m Annemarie and I am so glad you found us! Christy, Jenna, and I have created this space to connect with and support other passionate literacy educators just.like.you. We have spent our entire careers (over 65 years of combined experience among the three of us!) growing readers, cultivating writers, and empowering teachers through our classroom teaching experience and our roles as literacy coaches and consultants.

Here at Teacher2Teacher Help, we invite you to visit our blog where we share practical strategies, encouragement, and inspiration that you can use immediately. We invite you to check out the ways you can connect with us through live and distance learning professional development opportunities. And we invite you to get to know each of us here.

We KNOW how hard your job is. But teaching children to become both competent and lifelong readers and writers is one of the most important jobs in the world! Our goal and our hope is that we can make it even a little bit easier and a lot.more. JOYFUL! Together, let’s transform children’s lives through literacy!

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